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Techeyaan helps build your brand in the electronic industry by creating impactful videos, graphics, and websites – ensuring your presence is not just seen, but remembered.


Anil mitawa


5 years experience


This company fuels business growth through smart marketing. We use creative strategies to boost brand visibility, attract customers, and build lasting connections, ensuring your business thrives in the market

Strategic Partnerships

50+ website, 15 specialties,



social media

+5 years experience


riya saini

graphic image

+2 years experience


himanshu goyal

Video editing

+3 years experience


pankaj dayal

marketing profile

11 years experience

How does it work?


Initial Inquiry

First we set meeting with you through goggle meet


Organizational Insight

second we sent mail to your department ask some question related your organisation

Dr. Chyna Jackson

Optometrist Specialist


Website Blueprint

then we create website prototype according to your vision.


Project Completion + Bonus Social Media Content

We finalize your project and include complimentary social media content upon delivery

Our users are Happy & Healthy

“This digital marketing agency did wonders for my business! They revamped my website and boosted my social media presence. Super happy with the results and their commitment. Highly recommend!"

avinash mitawa

This digital marketing team is fantastic! They built a great website for my business and took our social media to the next level. Super happy with the results and the friendly service. Highly recommend!"

amit mehara

This marketing team is top-notch! They revamped my website and amped up my social media. Great results, great team. Highly recommend!

rohit verma

we’re here to all your questions

We guide clients from project inception to completion. We deliver not just finished projects, but also complimentary social media content for an enhanced online presence. Top of Form

We prioritize understanding client needs to tailor effective project approaches.

We go beyond project completion, enhancing value with complimentary social media content for an elevated online presence.

We craft strategies and provide content to not only complete projects but also to enhance online visibility, contributing to a strengthened social media presence.

We stay ahead by constantly adapting to industry trends, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest and most effective marketing strategies.

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